Wednesday, March 6, 2013

How Can Summer Already Be Over?!!

So, I have a group of girlfriends that are just the best people in the world!  We are all a little quirky and have our differences, but we love and respect each other so much.  Due to these strong bonds, we have decided that we need to plan a "Girls Night Out" every now and then.  We have decided that on these nights, we need to totally be judging each other in any matter what.  I tell you, it's amazing to have people with whom you can be open and honest about everything!

Anyway, we were trying to pick dates for a summer getaway (we went to Galena last summer), but we are having a REALLY difficult time finding two to three days that work for all six of us.  How can this be?!  Summer hasn't even started, and we are all booked already...with work, vacations, swim meets, ballet recitals, family visits, etc.  this just blows my mind because it's only the beginning of March....and we can't find a time in June, July, or August.  

How can Summer already be over...
before it even starts?!?!  

Perhaps we should start planning for summer 2014 already so we can get it on our calendars!!  I'll have to keep you posted on what the final outcome is.  

Does anyone have any suggestions of where we should go if we can find a date?


  1. I know....right?!?!

    I just watched the movie, The Switch. The movie starts and ends with the line...."We are always in a rush, rushing from one place to another...maybe that is why they call it the human race."

    So true and so sad. We are always over do I stop this?!?!

  2. So frustrating isn't it? I hope you can find some common time and make it happen. I'm sure there is a lot of laughter involved in your get togethers, that is the best kind of reset button!