Saturday, March 2, 2013

I Don't Know What to Write About?!?!?

I can't believe how nervous I am to write on this blog!!  I have a few other blogs, and I don't have any anxiety when it comes to creating new posts.  Is it because either no one follows them or because they are only shared with friends?

What makes the SOLC so different?  I am sharing my random thoughts, my fears, my stories, my life with the thousands of followers on the Two Writing Teachers site!!!

OMG - That's pretty scary!

Will people be interested in what I have to share?  Does this make sense? How does everything flow?  Have I spelled all the words correctly?  What about my punctuation; would Professor Cawley be proud of me, or is she cringing as she reads this?!?!

Then I stop to think:  Isn't this what our students go through EVERY SINGLE DAY as we ask them to pick up a pencil and put it to paper?!?!  Don't we reassure them that their writing is important, and we want to read what they compose?!?!  Don't we encourage them to share their inner thoughts and let their voices be heard?!?!  Don't we let them know that spelling and conventions aren't important at the beginning - as long as they are working on the meaning of their story?!?!

If I am asking students and staff to be vulnerable everyday as they go through the writing process, then I can do it, too!

So, starting tomorrow, you will get a better glimpse into who I am and what's going on in my brain and my life.  Are you ready to take that journey with me?!


  1. I love this post because it is almost exactly what went through my head as I started this challenge. I am also finding out how excited I can get when people read my work and comment on it. It definitely gives me the push to make sure my students find time to share their writing.

  2. Lindsay, the Slice is important to me, because it reminds me how hard it is to write, as you say, "the experience our students have every single day!" Glad you are slicing this year. I've done it for about four years and have met so, so, so many nice people!

  3. Oh yes, your words are so true. Yesterday I wrote breath instead of breathe three times in my post. Mortifying! Then I got over it because it is the SOLC. People are in a hurry and thankfully I edited later, so maybe not everyone who looked saw the mistake. We all get where you are coming from. Before you know it you will be writing slices in your head, more than you can use (save those for the end in case you need an idea). It will happen, let it flow out of you, and breathe too! ;)

  4. Slicing can be a little scary, but it is so, so rewarding! Glad you are joining the challenge and glad that Ruth "introduced" us. I'm eager to connect with a fellow administrator!

  5. I am feeling so convicted as I know there are three sets of papers in my school bag that have received NO feedback from me whatsoever! I'm just starting this blog business but I've already hit the spot where I check to see if anyone has read my post and if they haven't it doesn't take long to convince myself I'm a failure. Thanks for the important reminder that feedback is so important...and not three weeks later! Looking for some new time management strategies!