Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I Love My Job!

How many people can say they LOVE going to work each and every day?  I hear people all the time saying they hate their jobs, they don't like the people with whom they work, they don't feel valued, etc.  This makes me so sad because you should feel energized and excited every morning when you wake up.

I LOVE MY SCHOOL!!!  In fact, I don't consider going to school a's not just a paycheck for me.  The people with whom I work are incredible, and we are truly all a family.  I enjoy that I can come in and work hard, laugh, learn, feel inspired, and grow as a person.  I feel very lucky!!

Now, don't get me wrong --- I have bad days or situations that are frustrating....but those are so far and few between.  I love my Shark family and feel blessed to be following the path that has been set before me!!!

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