Monday, March 4, 2013

Southbury Shark Makes It to Nationals!!!!!

How often do we have the opportunity to say that someone we work with and admire has made it to the USA 2013 Track and Field Nationals in Albuquerque, NM?  Well, I am so proud of one of my P.E. coaches --- Jake Winder!  He went to this national meet over the weekend, and he came in SECOND PLACE for the Men's Pole Vault!!!  WOOHOO!!!  Check out his stats:

As a school, his principal, and a friend, we are just so proud of him!!!!!!  Jake is an amazing person who always puts his family, students, and friends first....and I just want him to succeed in everything that he does.  He jumped 17'9" to qualify for the meet; and today, he made a jump of 18'2.5" to come in second place.  Way to go, Coach Winder!!!  We love you and are so proud of you!!!  Check out his video from Sunday afternoon:  

On Wednesday, when he's back at school, we are going to surprise him with a cake, card, and many congratulation hugs!!!  See, good things DO happen to wonderful people.  Keep up the good work, Jake!  We'll be here supporting you all the way!

Here are some current articles in case you want to read more about this phenomenal Southbury Elementary School P.E. Teacher!!


  1. Congrats Jake and your entire student body! It is so incredible that you have this wonderful person in your midst. Thanks for the links...I will check it out after school. I'm on my lunch right now. xo

  2. What an awesome way to honor his achievements! Evidence that working hard is worth it; inspirational to all the young lives he influences.

  3. What an exciting thing for your P.E. coach....I'm sure your student body will be equally excited! I love it when well-deserving people experience great things!

  4. I hope he doesn't see this blog!!!! Otherwise the surprise will be ruined! ;) So proud of Coach Winder!!!! Goooooo Sharks!!!