Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Break

It is officially Spring Break, and this is how I've spent my vacation so far:

  1. I have complete two deadly Crossfit trainings at 8:30 in the morning.  I have one more on Friday of this week.  What is wrong with me?!
  2. I have been house/dog sitting for a family that went to Florida.  Each time I've stayed there, I have ended up with dog fur all over my clothes and my body....including in my eyes and in my mouth.  YUCK!
  3. I have gone into work by 7:30 each morning....and have stayed there until 4:30 each day.  AAAGGGHHH!!!!
  4. I've completed all the official evaluation paperwork for my teachers....and it's on its way to the district office as we speak.
  5. I followed up with DCFS regarding a student.
  6. I've straightened up my office and thrown many things into the recycling bin.
  7. I worked with a colleague today and spent $35,000 on books for our school.  Gotta love Title I funding!!!
  8. I've read several outstanding books by Neal Shusterman....see previous posts.
  9. Some girlfriends and I have gone out to eat...and to see a movie.  This was a fun night!
Not much of a vacation, huh?  Well, at least I've gotten a lot of work done.  :-)


  1. You've been super productive! I hope you are finding time to relax, though. It's important to get your mental break. I'm envious that you have all your evals finished and turned in... I am tackling that next week while I'm on spring break.

  2. Productivity can be so gratifying. There is always more to do but it sure is nice.

  3. sure have gotten a lot finished...and there was a little bit of fun in there too...I hope that you will have time for some more rest and fun for the rest of your break. You deserve it! Jackie

  4. It's funny how us educators look forward to breaks so that we can catch up on all of the work that we need to get done!! Take the rest of your break and make sure to do at least one thing (big or small) for yourself each day!

    I am envious of the $35 000 but excited for what that will mean for the readers in your school!!

    Take Care & Enjoy the rest of your break!

  5. I won't tell you what Friday's Crossfit workout is then....