Tuesday, March 5, 2013

What Do You Do During a Snow Day?

Shovel the driveway
Nap on the couch
Open mail that has been sitting on the counter for a few days
Watch Jerry Springer and other quality t.v.

Dive into a good book
Answer emails
Your turn - what do you do?


  1. Jerry Springer? lol

    I watch reality tv and clear my dvr. Avoid my emails and sign-up for Crossfit. I took a nap after the exhausting morning of sitting in bed. I shoveled the driveway too. I answer an obscene amount of texts....oh wait there goes my phone again!

    1. I LOVE IT!! This just made me laugh. Gotta love a snow day!

  2. Well...to be truthful I grumbled a little, because a couple of weeks ago we were off for just a skiff. Today was more legit...but I don't want those extra days tacked on. I tried to write a bit more and watched Katie and exercised. I love the cartoon. xo

  3. Make sure I stay in my pajamas all day and have at least one extra cup of coffee while wrapped in a blanket. Ah, yes.

  4. We have a delay tomorrow...although a snow day may be in our near future. There will definitely be freshly baked cookies if that is the case. ;)